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    Registered and Bonded Document Prepareration Services
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    Registered and Bonded Document Prepareration Services
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Deed Transfer Services

Whether you’re transferring property to a spouse, adult child, a living trust or business entity, it is important to make sure the deed is correctly prepared and filed in the state the property is located. How you hold title on the property is equally as important. Equally as important is how you hold the title on your property as you do not want to lose the property to estate taxes or probate. Making sure you understand how you are listed on your deed and why you hold title that way is extremely important when you buy a home. If you are considering a deed transfer, buying an investment property in an LLC, Elite Preparation Services can assist you in making sure you have all of the necessary documents and paperwork in place. We can help you with the following:

  • Add a new spouse to the deed
  • Add or remove a name from the property deed
  • Transfer property to family members or others
  • Transfer property to or from a living trust
  • Transfer property to an ex-spouse after a divorce
  • Transfer property into a LLC

Elite Preparation Services can help you prepare and file your deeds, with the necessary additional documentation required, to get your real property officially transferred.  Contact us today at (702) 970-9686 to schedule a consultation. 

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