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    Registered and Bonded Document Prepareration Services
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    Registered and Bonded Document Prepareration Services
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Nicole (Nikki) Mooney

Founder and Creator of Elite Preparation Services, LLC

UNLV Paralegal Registered & Licensed with the Secretary of State as a Document Preparer

Nikki was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and since moving to Vegas over 20 years ago, she has seen the changes this city has brought for individuals and families alike. Growing up with a passion for helping people, she ventured into the nursing field to care for those in need. While it was rewarding and very educational, it was not fulfilling for her. After conversing with family and friends, Nikki decided law is where she could really help make a difference. After completing her Paralegal Studies at UNLV, she attained her paralegal certificate and was on a mission to make a difference.

Nikki started working in a local small law firm, educating herself on all the intricacies of estate planning and documents that are needed to help keep families out of court during difficult times. While learning everything she could about estate planning, she also ran the office and grew it to a multi-million dollar practice. While the growth was rewarding, offering that one-on-one attention to her clients was what she really enjoyed. After four years in practice, Nikki decided to start her own company where she would be able to give her clients the attention and time they deserved.

Nikki takes pride in providing education and knowledge to her clients. The number one goal is to educate people, so they know everything that can and will happen to them and their family if proper documents are not in place.

“The registrant is not an attorney authorized to practice in this State and is prohibited from providing legal advice or legal representation to any person”

Nicole (Nikki) Mooney UNLV Paralegal Certified & Licensed with the Secretary of State as a Document Preparer

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